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Schubert Takahiro SONODA Heritage

CD1 Piano Sonata in a minor Op.42 D.845
Impromptus Op.90 D.899
CD2 Piano Sonata in A Major Op.pos. 120 D.664
Impromptus Op.142. D.935

In his late years, Takahiro Sonoda wanted to record the pieces of Shubert with one session per year pace. Unfortunately this project was forced to be ended after two recordings by his unexpected decease. Left result is this unfinished 2CDset-album. This album was released at the occasion of the 10th commemorative year after his death. In this recording, the long and entirely characteristic Schuber's themes are played like natural phenomena. The ever flowing musicality of his performance without any trace of pretentiousness is overwhelming. This album became the very last recording of Sonoda's late years.

Yuma Osaki Chopin Recital live

Chopin Andante Spianato et grand Polonaise op.22
Three Mazurkas op.59-1,2,3
Ballade No.1 in g-minor op.23
24 Preludes op.28

Since the age of fourteen her remarkable talent have been distinct and won final prizes at such prestigious international concours as Long-Thibaud,Geneve,Rubinstein, Leeds and International Chopin.In this recital CD constituted of all Chopin program, we can enjoy new Yuma Osaki with her deepened and matured artistry. In addition to her already acknowledged technique, her profound expression, nostalgic timbre, and exquisite concentration shows brilliant loftiness. This disc is highly reputed as one of the finest as the tribute to the Chopin year.

Chie Hirai Chie Hirai 1840 28/5/2011 PPCA-616 \2800


Chopin  Variations brillantes sur la rondeau favorite “Je vends des scapulaires” de Ludovic et Halévy op.12 (1833)
Glinka from “Agreeting to my native land Recollection of a mazurka, Barcarolle, Prayer Nocturne “La Séparation” in f-minor

Chopin Two Nocturne op.62-1,2
Barcarolle op.60 in f-sharp major
Berceuse op.57 in D-flat major
Polonaise-Fantaisie op.61
Mazurka op.56-2 in C-major

Chie Hirai is active and renowned in Holland and other European countries. Her CD with Hidemi Suzuki is highly praised and she has done many duo concerts with her, but this solo CD is her very special one. Her happy meeting with Pleyel piano which Chopin loved, led the way to this CD. This album is dedicated to his pieces written with this piano and to the pieces by Glinka whom Chopin adored .Chie Hirai who is known by her brilliant technique and musicality, reproduces the world of Chopin with noble sound of Pleyel in this valuable CD.

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